Monday, March 11, 2013

Projects Underway

The first deadline has passed-you all have a topic and it's time to do some research. The next deadline is next Monday, March 18. You will need to present your research materials in class, and we'll get a better idea of what you have as we'll as what you still need for your paper.You can always move FASTER than the pace that I've outlined in the directions but don't fall behind. If you keep up with the timelines that I've set, you should be able to submit a complete your project on time.

Remember, books are a good resource (imagine that), so go to the library or a bookstore, or check out some online bookstores to find some books on your topic. The Internet is a great resource, but the volume of information can be overwhelming! Don't trust everything that you read-confirm your information in more than one place. If you find conflicting information, check another source. We are dealing with ancient times, so experts might disagree about things. You may very well end up sharing more than one opinion on a subject. If this confuses you, talk to me and we'll figure out how to word things in your paper.

We will try to go to the computer lab during our double periods, but don't expect that to be enough time to complete your project. Think of it as extra time to work, but the majority of your work should be done at home.