Friday, October 25, 2013

Quiz on Tuesday

You all did a nice job of exploring the difficulties faced by the ancient Sumerians, and figuring out how they solved those problems.  We'll cover the Key Terms/Places from this section as well as the problems faced by the Sumerians on the way to civilization!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Runny Noses

Such an exciting topic - I know!  I am an allergy sufferer, so I know that between the fall ragweed, winter cold and dust, and spring allergies, runny noses can continue all year with little relief.  Multiply that by 70 little noses, and tissues disappear quickly here at the McGlynn.

Early in September, each homeroom received some kind donations of tissues and other items needed in the classrooms, but the tissues (as always) were the first to run out.  I opened and used my last box of donated tissues last week.  The other classes are running low as well.  If any parents could grab and extra box or two of tissues while shopping, it would be greatly appreciated.  I would also recommend individual packages of tissues for your own student.  Always having some in your binder or pencil case makes life easier (and neater).

I never thought that I'd blog about tissues...

Friday, October 18, 2013

The End of Prehistory...

and the beginning of the Fertile Crescent civilizations.  Chapter 1 is behind us and we are moving into our first big (5 section) chapter.  This chapter also includes a project that will be completed by Thanksgiving.  As we move forward, remember the role geography plays in making a civilization successful.  That very same geography allowed people to enter into the Agricultural Revolution.  Agriculture may have meant more work for people, but it also brought incredible benefits (settled homes, surplus, population growth, specialization, trade, communities).  These things don't go away just because the chapter on prehistory is over, they are the foundations upon which all civilizations are built.  Keep that in mind, it will probably (hint) show up on most of your tests and quizzes....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"A Christmas Carol" on December 6th

Permission slips should be going home this week.  The presentation has been done by the North Shore Music Circus for years, and it is an excellent time! We will follow up the show with pizza for lunch at Prince Pizza in Saugus.  The price is $30.  This may seem expensive, but with help from the PTO, we were able to bring the cost down by $9 compared to what last year's class had to pay.   Hope to see everyone there!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Builders Club Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Builders Club has held it's first two meetings of the year, and we are also about to hold our first two fundraisers of the year.  Members decided that a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research would be appropriate, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Builders Club members will start selling pink pencils and bracelets reading "Join the Fight" next week during lunch periods.  Pencils will be $1.00 and bracelets will be $2.00.  The club hopes to raise $500 for breast cancer research by the end of the month.

The club will also be holding it's annual bake sale on Meet the Teacher Night, next Wednesday.  This fundraiser has been a good kick-off fundraiser for the past few years, and has raised money for club supplies throughout the year.  Gym bags, tee shirts and other items will also be available at the bake sale.

Chapter Test Next Week

We are wrapping up chapter one in class today, so it's time to start preparing for the chapter test!  I will distribute study guides today.  You will complete the study guide on your one (and from the notes in your binders), but we will go over them by the end of the week.  Try studying every night - cramming for the test isn't the best way to get things done.

We'll have the test next Wednesday, then it's on to The Fertile Crescent!

Friday, October 4, 2013


I didn’t get the homework up before I left today. I'll have it posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quiz on Thursday!

I am sure that you're already studying, but we do have a quiz on Thursday.  It covers pp. 4-8 in your binder as well as the Key Terms and Places from Section 2.  This quiz will be the last grade that makes it onto your midterm report.  So that's two quizzes, lots of homework, and class participation going into your midterm grade.  Oh, let's add in a binder check on Friday - we have 10 pages in the front section, at least two in the Key Terms section, and two glossaries in the Permanent File.  Make sure that they are in order and numbered properly!

Midterm reports go home with you on 10/15.  Meet the Teacher night in on 10/16.