Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Projects???!!!!!!

We start our Mesopotamian Museum projects tomorrow!  Is everyone excited?  I am!  This is a great opportunity for everyone to show their creativity and demonstrate how they have learned about one specific subject.  It's always been very rewarding for me to see what direction you have taken with your projects.  I don't know who it will be, but some of you will surprise me!

I hope that you have all rehearsed.  If not, grab a family member and run through your presentation tonight.  Projects are welcome in my room in the morning - come up when you arrive at school.  The project has to arrive tomorrow if you are presenting tomorrow, but Tuesday projects are welcome if they are complete.

Papers are not due until Wednesday, but if you are done - hand it in asap! You don't want to forget it at home on Wednesday!

Good luck, sleep well, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monday or Tuesday?

Which day will you be presenting?  Here are the results.  Let me start by saying that about 20 people did not respond to the question (which was your homework on Tuesday night), so these people have been assigned randomly.

Blue Group

Monday - Noah, Charlotte, Nicholas, Jillian, Peter, Tristen, Chris and Michael C.
Tuesday - Cayley, Luther, Michael M., Ashley, Safe, Elizabeth, Kevin, and Samantha

Green Group

Monday - Evan, Jacob, Abby, Asmine, Courtney, Enzo, and Shekinah
Tuesday - Shane, Butaina, Tia, Bridget, Chrystie, Amer, Teofilia, Lakesha, and Joseph

Red Group

Monday - Mallika, Colleen, Phaidra, Gavin, David, Gabriella, Jackie, and Noemi
Tuesday - Sam, Niko, Julianne, Alexander, Ryan, Samantha, Evelande, Donovan, and Hannah

Yellow Group

Monday - Cadee, Alyssa, Audrey, Chris, Meghan, Gabriel, Michael, Nicole M., Shruti
Tuesday - Isabelle, Trinity, Matt, Karla, Krystal, Iman, Kevin, Nicole C., Valeri, Jovia

If the Yellow Group needs more time, I will probably ask the teachers to switch your double to Tuesday.  All projects will be presented by Tuesday.

If you don't see your name, please send me an email.  If your family is leaving early for Thanksgiving break, let me know - I will schedule you on Monday.  Papers must be submitted BEFORE you leave for the holiday weekend.  

Monday, November 18, 2013

This Week

Well my son arrived a little early, so I don't know when I will be in this week.  We were prepared with child care for next week, but this was a curve ball!  I am in contact with Ms. Drane, and I am sending in assignments from home.  The test is planned for Wednesday, and the corrected study guide is up on my site (Homework - Monday), so check your answers!

I will definitely be in school next Monday, which is the first day of presentations.  Tomorrow I will put homework up under the Tuesday tab, asking which day (Monday or Tuesday) you want to present.  Everyone can't present on Tuesday, so if I get 70 requests for Tuesday I'll have to assign days...

Remember that Friday is the deadline for returning permission slips and $30 for the December 6 field trip. My homeroom is about 3/4 of the way there.  If you haven't turned in your slip and money, please do so by Friday!

I am available by email or Google Hangouts for any questions that you have about the test or your projects.  I will have a laptop with me wherever I go, so my response time should be prompt.

Last but not least, here he is - James.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Projects and Field Trip

Your projects are due in less than two weeks at this point.  We will start presenting them on November 25.  You should be well underway (if not closed to finished) at this point.  Remember to rehearse your presentation before then.  Grab a family member or even a pet, and practice, practice, practice in front of them.  Rehearsal makes the real presentation go more smoothly.  I'm excited, are you?

The field trip is coming upon us quickly as well.  It is scheduled for December 6 which is less than a month away!  Permission slips and the $30 are due in homerooms by next Friday, November 22.  I know that 3/4 of my homeroom still hasn't turned anything in as of yet...