Monday, October 21, 2013

Runny Noses

Such an exciting topic - I know!  I am an allergy sufferer, so I know that between the fall ragweed, winter cold and dust, and spring allergies, runny noses can continue all year with little relief.  Multiply that by 70 little noses, and tissues disappear quickly here at the McGlynn.

Early in September, each homeroom received some kind donations of tissues and other items needed in the classrooms, but the tissues (as always) were the first to run out.  I opened and used my last box of donated tissues last week.  The other classes are running low as well.  If any parents could grab and extra box or two of tissues while shopping, it would be greatly appreciated.  I would also recommend individual packages of tissues for your own student.  Always having some in your binder or pencil case makes life easier (and neater).

I never thought that I'd blog about tissues...