Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monday or Tuesday?

Which day will you be presenting?  Here are the results.  Let me start by saying that about 20 people did not respond to the question (which was your homework on Tuesday night), so these people have been assigned randomly.

Blue Group

Monday - Noah, Charlotte, Nicholas, Jillian, Peter, Tristen, Chris and Michael C.
Tuesday - Cayley, Luther, Michael M., Ashley, Safe, Elizabeth, Kevin, and Samantha

Green Group

Monday - Evan, Jacob, Abby, Asmine, Courtney, Enzo, and Shekinah
Tuesday - Shane, Butaina, Tia, Bridget, Chrystie, Amer, Teofilia, Lakesha, and Joseph

Red Group

Monday - Mallika, Colleen, Phaidra, Gavin, David, Gabriella, Jackie, and Noemi
Tuesday - Sam, Niko, Julianne, Alexander, Ryan, Samantha, Evelande, Donovan, and Hannah

Yellow Group

Monday - Cadee, Alyssa, Audrey, Chris, Meghan, Gabriel, Michael, Nicole M., Shruti
Tuesday - Isabelle, Trinity, Matt, Karla, Krystal, Iman, Kevin, Nicole C., Valeri, Jovia

If the Yellow Group needs more time, I will probably ask the teachers to switch your double to Tuesday.  All projects will be presented by Tuesday.

If you don't see your name, please send me an email.  If your family is leaving early for Thanksgiving break, let me know - I will schedule you on Monday.  Papers must be submitted BEFORE you leave for the holiday weekend.